Love Letters From Former Nuns: A Preface

I love the word preface. I used to use it without actually knowing what it meant. Now, I both know what it means and like to slip it into conversations just to sound like a real person who knows words. And everyone pronounces it differently. Some people say pree-fas, while others say preh-fis. Just to be clear, I fall into the preh-fis camp of pronunciations; I like the way it rolls off the tongue.

It is fitting that I begin this series with a preface given my love for the idea of a preface. (Look, I got to use preface twice in that last sentence!) Just to be clear, the nuns in question are not affiliated with any religious organization. The nuns are graduates of an all-girls school referred to, sometimes with affection, as The Yellow Nunnery by students.

What follows is a semi-fictitious account of the love lives of former nuns. Names have been changed, details have been dramatized or toned down (it’s up to you to decide which way they go), but all accounts are inspired by real life events.

I present to you Love Letters from Former Nuns.

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