Love Letters from Former Nuns: Rebecca

Louisiana is known for great music, so it makes sense that great dancers would also hail from the state, which is why Rebecca decided to take a Louisianan to prom.

Rebecca and Benjamin met during a summer at Harvard, a Boston school made famous by Good Will Hunting and nothing else. There was a history of friendship between them before Rebecca decided to invite Benjamin to the nunnery’s prom. Their mutual interest in spending an entire summer studying subjects that would allow them to change the world (which Rebecca is definitely going to do) allowed a friendship to blossom.

But Rebecca does not dance. At least, Rebecca had not danced since her stint in the nunnery’s musical theater program. She was a sister of Delta Nu in Legally Blonde, another film/musical that made Harvard famous! Rebecca was adamant that her dancing was awkward enough that she would not be dancing in front of other people at prom. However, Benjamin had already witnessed Rebecca’s awkwardness as they attempted to put on a corsage and a boutonniere. He then became an exception to the nobody-watch-Rebecca-dance rule. Rebecca and Benjamin walked down to a gazebo on the property where prom was held and talking turned into slow dancing. Rebecca thinks her friends don’t know about the dancing in the gazebo, but when she and Benjamin disappeared, Felicity and Molly became worried and eventually found them slowly turning in the gazebo.

The real fun happened after prom. Rebecca and Benjamin partook in the most sacred of post prom traditions: they went to a diner and Rebecca, scared of falling asleep on the drive home, drank coffee, deemed it too bitter, poured in a cup of sugar, deemed it still bitter, and eventually settled for chugging gas station Red Bulls purchased from next door to the diner.

The next day (or really the same day, because the bus from prom did not return to the nunnery until after midnight), Rebecca took Benjamin to the most magical wonderland western  Connecticut has to offer: Stew Leonard’s. Rebecca may have oversold Stew Leonard’s, a verified amusement park for food, and Benjamin’s experience there was colored by confusion. With the singing bananas and large, mooing cow head, the confusion was warranted. Shopping at Stew Leonard’s is not unlike a drug-fueled hallucination. Nevertheless, there is nothing better than going grocery shopping with a friend. The three things that bond people best are 1) food, 2) shared experiences, and 3) a mutual dislike of Opal, the fifth grader who thought she was better than everyone because she got to see Hannah Montana in concert.

Tragedy can also bond people; that’s the fourth thing. Rebecca took Benjamin from Stew Leonard’s to the park where she played and got ice cream as a kid. As they indulged themselves in ice creams during a walk around the park, they continued their conversation from the gazebo. When they finished their treats and decided to leave, Rebecca and Benjamin hoisted themselves into Rebecca’s massive SUV, Rebecca began to drive away, and promptly ran over a chipmunk. Dale mourned privately.

The day Benjamin flew back to Louisiana, Rebecca’s dog Bartlet ate his bagel right off the table. Benjamin let him, because at that point he had fallen in love with the good boy.

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