It’s Lit, but not the Alcohol Kind of Lit

I love prosecco. I don’t know what it is about prosecco, but there is nothing I enjoy more than a cold flute of Italian bubbly. I drink it while I cook, I drink it at parties, I drink it when an open bottle is sitting in my fridge threatening to go flat. The one place I am not drinking prosecco is at college, and I do not have a taste for college alcohol, so this Autumn I am not getting lit. The only thing getting lit in my life is my pumpkin spice candle. IMG_1541.jpgSometimes I think I have gotten as basic as I can possibly get, and then I light my pumpkin spice candle and all of a sudden I’m sipping Starbucks in black leggings and Uggs. My pumpkin spice candle is everything I want to be in the Autumn: warm, inviting, and richly scented. I decided to live through my candle as I did one of my favorite fall activities. IMG_1485.jpgI cooked seasonal foods, specifically carrots, parsnips, brussels sprouts, and red onions. Separately, I sliced rounds of sweet potato. IMG_1487.jpgI roasted them with the exact correct amount of garlic: half a head, with each individual clove crushed. IMG_1489.jpgI picked fresh thyme and rosemary from the garden, peeled them off the stems, and mixed them into the root vegetables with kosher salt. IMG_1497.jpgRoast at 425°F until you reach the desired level of crispiness. IMG_1511.jpgThis is one happy candle. But this candle isn’t fully satisfied. She wants pancakes! Specifically, pumpkin spice pancakes. IMG_1515.jpgMy candle wanted to make sure there was extra pureed pumpkin and extra pumpkin spice in the batter. I wanted to make sure the pancakes were sugar free. They’re sweetened with maple syrup. To make them gluten-free, I use oats ground into a flour. IMG_1518.jpgMy candle was very excited about her pancakes. I wish she could have helped me flip them. I can cook, but I’m awful at flipping pancakes. IMG_1527.jpgNevertheless, these turned out pretty and delicious! I did my candle proud.IMG_6110.jpgShe set the ambience for a picnic brunch so yummy it made the Insta story!

The pumpkin spice candle would like to encourage everyone to cook good food and get lit this holiday season!

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