Love Letters from Former Nuns: Lavender

A Philly cover band was playing ACDC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” when Lavender got her hopes up.

Lavender supports her friends through all of their romantic trials. However, she is also the Queen of Don’t Get Your Hopes Up. She learned the hard way how hard it is to keep your hopes down after she met Rupert.

They met at a concert. Their respective schools in the vicinity of Philadelphia sent buses of students to the West Philly venue. When Lavender’s friends brought Lavender to the cover rock band concert, they did not know Lavender was about to meet the love of her next eight days. But as Lavender and Rupert locked eyes across the venue, slowly making their way towards each other and abandoning their separate groups of friends, Susie and Pippa saw fireworks between the pair.

Under the lights of the concert, Rupert and Lavender introduced themselves and started a conversation. At least, it resembled a conversation. They were still at a rock concert so loud their solo cups of beer were vibrating. Lavender’s recollection of the conversation was that it was a riveting discussion about Greco-Roman magic classes. Rupert could have, just as easily, recalled a conversation about The Black Eyed Peas’ 2009 hit “I’ve Got A Feeling.”

A detail of the night both Rupert and Lavender can agree on is that Lavender made sure she got Rupert’s number. Rupert was halfway on the bus back to his campus when Lavender chased him down and asked for his number. Susie and Pippa shouted at Lavender to hurry up, asking half-seriously if they should tell the bus driver to leave without Lavender. But Lavender took her time and, now in possession of a coveted piece of information, cradled her phone the whole walk to her bus.

After texting for a few days, Rupert and Lavender decided to meet up again. Rupert did and said all the right things: he opened doors and pulled out chairs, he complimented Lavender’s dress, and he picked Lavender’s favorite Indian restaurant for dinner without knowing it was her favorite. Over samosas and butter chicken, they could be certain of the direction their conversation was taking in a way they couldn’t under the blare of the concert speakers. Both Rupert and Lavender knew they were in the midst of a discussion on the Netflix series The Crown and their personal interests in British television and film.

Rupert’s interest in British television became apparent after he invited Lavender back to his place. The blank white walls of Rupert’s bedroom were covered with posters, most notably large Doctor Who posters and collection of Game of Thrones shot glasses. Where some women may have seen this prominent display of nerd culture as a turn off, Lavender channelled her distinct approval of Rupert’s choice of decor into a hot and heavy make out session.

Head over heels, Lavender left Rupert’s bedroom replaying their date in her mind. She texted Rupert, telling him what a good time she had had with him. Rupert did not text back for three and a half days. When he finally did text back, he informed Lavender that he had just broken up with a long term girlfriend, and he did not have another serious relationship in him right now. Lavender’s hopes fell from the girlfriend zone down to the rebound zone. She replayed her memories of the date, picking up her shirt from Rupert’s floor for the last time. Just like that, the fireworks display was over. The funny thing about fireworks: they never last long.

Lavender still has hope Rupert will send her a text, preferably not the 2:00 am “u up?” variety.

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