Thankful in Four Pictures

I have often said that the sign of a good time is when the only pictures that exist are the ones you force your friends to take. And when I say I have often said this, I mean it was my Instagram caption once after I went to brunch with my friends on Fourth of July weekend.

This Thanksgiving, the only pictures that exist from the day were the ones I forced people to take. So here is why I am thankful in four pictures.

IMG_1816.jpgTechnically, my mom forced us to take this family shot. It’s a miracle picture, because my brother is smiling. IMG_0066-1.JPGNo one is smiling here, because tradition dictates that no one can smile like it’s the 1800s. This one got the Instagram caption: Party like it’s 1863*

*The year Thanksgiving became a national holiday. (and then a turkey emoji was here)

IMG_0063.JPGThis is a blurry Snapchat selfie of my dad and I after we won Trivial Pursuit. Just a PSA: we are the smartest people in the family.

IMG_0060.JPGThis is the pumpkin pie I made on Thanksgiving eve. Taken pre-bake and pre-being devoured. Truth be told, it was not the best pie I ever made, but it was still good.

And these are the only pictures I have from Thanksgiving. As someone who is attached to her camera, it speaks volumes for the quality of the day.

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