Love Letters from Former Nuns: Where Is Allison Now?

Allison would like to know why forbidden love is so goddamn hot.

She thinks she has an answer: Americans make sex out to be something wrong. Discreet would be understandable, but discreet is not what led Allison to believe that only criminals had sex until she was ten years old and her parents explained to her why that assumption was wrong. In the wise words of Allison’s father, “Couples who treat sex with a undesirable attitude are doomed to fall apart.” But most people do not have the same views as Allison’s father. If you compound doing something wrong with lusting after someone whom you shouldn’t lust, you have the ideal situation for an exciting, ill-advised, and likely fruitless affair. Well, less an affair and more a series of imagined situations.

Allison is in lust with her chiropractor, Noah. He’s cute, he has a stable job, he’s exactly the perfect height for Allison to be able to wear heels and still be several inches shorter than he, and his dark eyes and dark hair combo make him the textbook definition of the look Allison has had a crush on since kindergarten. All that is fine and well, but what could be sexier than a man with a degree in back cracking? Noah takes one look at Allison and knows exactly where to crack out her tension. This ability is ideal in a man.

Maybe Allison isn’t actually attracted to him. Maybe all her lust would disappear if she had daily visits with a masseuse.

No, she’s definitely attracted to him. Beneath all the superficialities that drew Allison in, Noah has made more of an effort to get to know Allison than most people in her life. He likes that she’s smart, and he asks her questions that let her show off her knowledge. Not everyone cares about Allison’s analyses of films directed by women or which new releases are the strongest contenders for awards season accolades, but Noah does. And he participates in their conversations. He is not afraid of sometimes revealing his own ignorance about film to Allison, who is passionate about film almost to a fault. It’s refreshing for Allison to be around a man who is comfortable with making himself vulnerable and does not pretend to be more knowledgable than he actually is.

It’s not like Noah is dumb. It’s a sign of his own intelligence that he is willing to learn more about topics he has not studied. Besides that, most doctors are smart. Not all of them, but Noah is definitely a smart doctor. Allison would not trust him if he weren’t. Which brings us back to the annoying thorn in Allison’s side: Noah is her doctor. It’s not fair that her doctor is only a few years older than she. Intellectually, Allison understands why you should not date your doctor. Emotionally, she wants to be in a wine bar with Noah discussing their passions.

Maybe the fantasy is sexier than the reality would be. Maybe Allison will never find out if that’s the case.

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